How to become an local agent or online agent of Claire Med?

Agent is a low risk and high profit job. We will provide 2-3 agents for each city/town. As an agent, you just need to introduce our products to the potential customers like store owners, pharmacies, gift shops or individuals. You can just ask them to register in our website. We will share with you good profit for their every purchase. They price will not be mark up because of your commission. Introduction will be easy, becasue you can provide coupon or affiliate link to the client.

What you need to do is to registered with us and fill the form below and send to us. You must have:

  • Individual
    • SSN number and allow to work in the US
  • Company,
    • all commission will require invoice from your registered company name.
  • Address to receive our cheques or paypal account under yourname.


How to become an reseller(retailer) and get wholesale price?

To become a reseller is very easy.

  1. If you have a store, please send me
    1. your store photo/video(10 seconds), location or online storefront link.
    2. legal company name, address, phone number
    3. place an order no less than $800 in the first order.
  2. Call or Email our local agents, and they will help you to apply for an reseller(retailer) account.

Please contact with us to become a reseller: sales@claire-med.com

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